2017 News & Online Contest Results


Thank you to our 2017 contest coordinators:

  • Sarah Semmel: Photography
  • Carrie Rapp: Yearbook
  • Krystle Hoisington: Broadcast
  • Donald Johnson: News

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Overall online and individual writing contests sponsored by:

Overall Newspaper/Newsmagazine

awardpublication nameschool nameStudent(s)
SuperiorThe MirrorDe Smet JesuitBrendan Johnson
SuperiorNorth StarFrancis Howell NorthCarolynn Gonzalez, Anthony Kristensen
SuperiorThe Kirkwood CallKirkwoodRyan Davidson, Ali Randazzo & Kennady Wade
ExcellentThe GlobeClaytonCamille Respess
ExcellentThe MessengerMarquetteEllie Toler
ExcellentPCH CorralParkway CentralKayla Benjamin
Honorable MentionImageLafayetteAnna James, Kayley Allen
Honorable MentionLedgerLibertyOlivia Holler, Chasteanne Salvosa
Honorable MentionStudent PrintsMehlville HSAnthony Garcia, Sabina Schaaf
Honorable MentionTreatyParkway SouthJoseph Schnapp
Honorable MentionPepper BoxRitenourLeia Boyd
Honorable MentionU-TimesUniversity CityKathryn Fuller

Overall Online

AwardSchool Name:Publication NameStudent(s)
SuperiorFrancis Howell North High SchoolFHNtoday.comChase Meyer, Michal Basford, Jacob Lintner
SuperiorMehlville HSMehlville MediaPriyanka Chaudhary, Sabina Okanovic, Anthony Garcia, Zack Martin
SuperiorPattonville High SchoolPattonvilleTODAYRoss Reynolds, Erykah White, Sarah Ponder
SuperiorWebster Groves High SchoolWG ECHOCaroline Fellows
ExcellentLiberty High SchoolLHStodayMax Fensterman, Alicia Orlando
ExcellentMarquetteThe Marquette MessengerNeelansh Bute, Abhi Srirangam
ExcellentO'Fallon Township High SchoolOTHS TodayMakenzee Hansen
ExcellentOakvillemyOHSonline.comSierra Hunter
ExcellentWashington High SchoolThe AdvocateSpencer Johnson
Honorable MentionClayton High SchoolThe Globe OnlineNicholas Lee, Camille Respess
Honorable MentionDe Smet Jesuit High SchoolThe MirrorBrendan Johnson
Honorable MentionEureka High SchoolEHS-hubNick Weaver, Maria Perez
Honorable MentionLafayette High SchoollancerfeedJessica Cargill
Honorable MentionRitenour High SchoolRitenour LiveBri Mays, Dylan Evans
Honorable MentionUniversity City High SchoolU-TimesLucy Wurst, Kathryn Fuller
Honorable MentionWashington High SchoolBlue Jay Journal TVBlue Jay Journal TV Staff

Individual News: Art

awardpublication nameschool namestudent
Best of ShowPanoramaLadue Horton WatkinsAudrey Wang
SuperiorThe MessengerMarquetteMichael Robinson
ExcellentThe AdvocateWashingtonLoraine O'Brien
Honorable MentionThe MessengerMarquetteEllie Toler
Honorable MentionThe Wolf's HowlTimberlandBryce Kolk

Individual News: Front Page Design

awardpublication nameschool namestudent
Best of ShowSpotlightFrancis HowellKane Katubig
SuperiorThe Kirkwood CallKirkwoodClare Huber
ExcellentImageLafayetteNick Horstmann
ExcellentLedgerLibertyAlicia Orlando
ExcellentThe MessengerMarquetteEllie Toler
ExcellentThe MessengerMarquetteKeertana Jain
ExcellentThe ProwlOakvilleSierra Hunter
Honorable MentionStarGazerMcCluer NorthEmily Schoen & Kaniah Moore-Williams
Honorable MentionPCH CorralParkway CentralNoah Weidner

Individual News: Inside Page Design

awardpublication nameschool namestudent
Best of ShowNorth StarFrancis Howell North High SchoolAly Doty
SuperiorTalonRockwood SummitSarah Faust
SuperiorU-TimesUniversity CityKathryn Fuller & Lucy Wurst
ExcellentStudent PrintsMehlville HSSabina Schaaf & Mikayla Kuhlmann
ExcellentThe ProwlOakvilleEmma Reinagel
Honorable MentionPanoramaLadue Horton Watkins High SchoolSophia Li
Honorable MentionThe MessengerMarquette High SchoolAthena Zeng
Honorable MentionStudent PrintsMehlville HSZack Martin

Individual News: Double Truck Design

awardpublication nameschool namestudent first name
Best of ShowPanoramaLadue Horton WatkinsKatie Bry
SuperiorNorth StarFrancis Howell NorthAly Doty
SuperiorImageLafayetteNick Horstmann
ExcellentPanoramaLadue Horton WatkinsJulia Biest & Lily Hauptman
ExcellentThe MessengerMarquetteEllie Toler
ExcellentThe ProwlOakvilleJaime Meier & Emma Reinagel
ExcellentTalonRockwood SummitStacy Rohan
ExcellentU-TimesUniversity CityKathryn Fuller & Lucy Wurst
ExcellentU-TimesUniversity CityLucy Wurst
Honorable MentionPanoramaLadue Horton WatkinsKatie Bry
Honorable MentionLedgerLibertyAlicia Orlando & Chasteanne Salvosa
Honorable MentionPilotLindberghHeidi Budd
Honorable MentionStudent PrintsMehlville HSAnthony Garcia & Sabina Schaaf
Honorable MentionThe Wolf's HowlTimberlandMaddie McDermott, Ana Lindgren, Ethan Rodden
Honorable MentionECHOWebster GrovesBennett Durando

Individual News: News Writing

awardpublication nameschool namestudent
Best of ShowParkway CentralPCH CorralNoah Weidner
SuperiorParkway CentralPCH CorralKayla Benjamin
ExcellentClaytonThe GlobeMadeline Bale, Catherine Walsh
ExcellentGrand Center Arts AcademyGCAAtodayChloe Ward
ExcellentRockwood SummitTalonOlivia Moses
ExcellentWebster GrovesECHOAndy Kimball
Honorable MentionDe Smet JesuitThe MirrorPatrick McHugh
Honorable MentionFrancis Howell NorthNorth StarCarolynn Gonzalez
Honorable MentionKirkwoodThe Kirkwood CallCece Hensley & Kennady Wade
Honorable MentionLibertyLedgerSarah Martin
Honorable MentionPattonvillePirate PressRoss Reynolds, Abby Stowers, Brittany Bell

Individual News: News Feature Writing

awardpublication nameschool namestudent
Best of ShowClaytonThe GlobeCamille Respess, Ellie Tomasson and Charlie Brennan
SuperiorClaytonThe GlobeCamille Respess, Ellie Tomasson
SuperiorEurekaEHS-hubTyler Price
SuperiorTimberlandThe Wolf's HowlTaylor Perkins
ExcellentClaytonThe GlobeNicholas Lee, Noah Brown, Madeline Bale, Daniel Cho and Lila Taylor
ExcellentDe Smet JesuitThe MirrorBrendan Johnson
ExcellentDe Smet JesuitThe MirrorBrendan Johnson
ExcellentFrancis Howell NorthNorth StarCarolynn Gonzalez
ExcellentKirkwoodThe Kirkwood CallAdele Baughman, Katie Judd
ExcellentLadue Horton WatkinsPanoramaKatie Bry
ExcellentMarquetteThe MessengerEllie Toler, Brittany Freeman
ExcellentOakvilleThe ProwlSierra Hunter
ExcellentRockwood SummitTalonLauren Bishop
ExcellentUniversity CityU-TimesJakob Giles
Honorable MentionEurekaEHS-hubHannah Mellor
Honorable MentionLafayetteImageErin Coogan, Jessica Cargill
Honorable MentionLibertyLedgerChasteanne Salvosa, Olivia Holler
Honorable MentionLindberghPilotEmma Bennett
Honorable MentionLindberghPilotSavannah Sowell
Honorable MentionMarquetteThe MessengerCari Shearer
Honorable MentionMcCluer NorthStarGazerKaniah Moore-Williams
Honorable MentionOakvilleThe ProwlKatie Counts
Honorable MentionParkway CentralPCH CorralNoah Weidner
Honorable MentionParkway SouthTreatyEmma Gottfried
Honorable MentionRitenourPepper BoxAlicia Watson
Honorable MentionRitenourPepper BoxSarah Barbeau
Honorable MentionRitenourPepper BoxBri'Asia Mays
Honorable MentionWebster GrovesWG ECHOCaroline Fellows

Individual News: Profile/Human Interest Writing

awardpublication nameschool namestudent
Best of ShowNorth StarFrancis Howell NorthNoah Slaughter
SuperiorThe GlobeClaytonMichael Bernard & Jacob LaGesse
SuperiorImageLafayetteKayley Allen
ExcellentThe Kirkwood CallKirkwoodAdler Bowman
ExcellentImageLafayetteAnna James
ExcellentPCH CorralParkway CentralEvan Mogley
Honorable MentionThe GlobeClaytonGrace Snelling, Katherine Snelling, Sara Stemmler, Lila Taylor
Honorable MentionSpotlightFrancis HowellBrooke Watkins
Honorable MentionThe Kirkwood CallKirkwoodErin Kelly
Honorable MentionThe ProwlOakvilleKatie Counts
Honorable MentionPCH CorralParkway CentralKayla Benjamin
Honorable MentionPirate PressPattonvilleBrittany Bell

Individual News: Commentary

awardpublication nameschool namestudent
Best of ShowThe Kirkwood CallKirkwoodJustin Sweeney
Best of ShowTalonRockwood SummitAlexis White
SuperiorNorth StarFrancis Howell NorthAnthony Kristensen
SuperiorThe Kirkwood CallKirkwoodKennady Wade
SuperiorPanoramaLadue Horton WatkinsSophia Li
SuperiorImageLafayetteJack Deubner
SuperiorThe AdvocateWashingtonOlivia Robinson
ExcellentEHS-hubEurekaNick Weaver
ExcellentPCH CorralParkway CentralJordyn Tobias
ExcellentTalonRockwood SummitAlexis White & Emily Beck
ExcellentTalonRockwood SummitEmily Beck
ExcellentThe AdvocateWashingtonHannah Ziegler
ExcellentECHOWebster GrovesJake Collins
ExcellentWG ECHOWebster GrovesJake Collins
ExcellentECHOWebster GrovesCaleb Bolin
Honorable MentionThe GlobeClaytonNoah Brown
Honorable MentionGCAAtodayGrand Center Arts AcademyChloe Ward
Honorable MentionLedgerLibertyDanielle Corgan
Honorable MentionStarGazerMcCluer NorthBrittany Minor
Honorable MentionTreatyParkway SouthOlivia Salzman
Honorable MentionPepper BoxRitenourAlicia Watson
Honorable MentionU-TimesUniversity CityKaya Blount
Honorable MentionThe AdvocateWashingtonKostas Kakadiaris
Honorable MentionThe AdvocateWashingtonSophie Koritz

Individual News: Sports Feature

awardpublication nameschool namestudent
Best of ShowThe Kirkwood CallKirkwoodChristian Huetel
SuperiorNorth StarFrancis Howell NorthAnthony Kristensen
SuperiorPilotLindberghMadie Hays
ExcellentLedgerLibertyMaddi Pomerinke
ExcellentStarGazerMcCluer NorthJustin Nelson
ExcellentThe ProwlOakvilleBernie Harkins
ExcellentPCH CorralParkway CentralLiad Lerner
Honorable MentionThe GlobeClaytonKevin Rosenthal, Sophie Barnes and Michael Melinger
Honorable MentionNorth StarFrancis Howell NorthHannah Wilson
Honorable MentionImageLafayetteArpan Das
Honorable MentionPepper BoxRitenourBailey Stock
Honorable MentionU-TimesUniversity CityJulian Albright
Honorable MentionECHOWebster GrovesBennett Durando

Individual News: Sports News Writing

awardpublication nameschool namestudent
Best of ShowPanoramaLadue Horton WatkinsGlen Morgenstern
ExcellentFHNtoday.comFrancis Howell NorthJacob Lintner
ExcellentPilotLindberghJake Wendel
ExcellentThe Wolf's HowlTimberlandTristin Hunnicutt
Honorable MentionLedgerLibertyOlivia Holler
Honorable MentionStarGazerMcCluer NorthJustin Nelson
Honorable MentionMehlville MediaMehlvilleAllen Ganic
Honorable MentionU-TimesUniversity CityJulian Albright