Membership Benefits

To join for the 2017-2018 school year, join HERE. Membership is $45 per adviser if paid by the fall conference, it’s $55 if paid after the conference.



• journalismSTL members meet regularly for a dinner meeting so advisers can socialize.

• journalismSTL members have access to the member Slack, an online communication tool where advisers can plan events, share ideas and exchange curricular materials.

• journalismSTL members receive a membership directory, which includes a list of other advisers in the area.

• journalismSTL members are part of a network of other publications advisers who understand the challenges and rewards of publications work.

• New advisers may request that journalismSTL provide a mentor teacher who will work with them during the year.

• journalismSTL members are eligible for scholarship money for summer workshops/programs through the H.L. Hall Adviser Grant.


• journalismSTL sponsors contests for student work which allows member schools to compete on a local level. There are overall catergories where publications receive an evaluation provided by outside judges and ratings of Superior, Excellent or Honorable Mention.

• journalismSTL member-school students will be eligible to earn money for summer workshops through the Curtis Kenner Memorial Camp Grant.

• One eligible student from each member school may apply for the Bruce Schneider Memorial Leadership Scholarship.

• Participate in the annual trivia night and win prizes for your staff! Annual contest award winners are also announced during the trivia night.

journalismSTL Conference

• Brings in journalism specialists in the areas of print, broadcast and online journalism to share information with students.

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Membership Benefits